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Statistics and Probability Number Number Number Algebra
Mean (average) Addition Multiply fractions 1 Change decimals to fractions Substitution 1
Median (half-way) Subtraction Multiply fractions 2 A quantity as a percentage of another Substitution 2
Mode (most popular) Brackets Multiply fractions 3 Find a percentage of a quantity Add like terms
Bar charts Multiplication Multiply mixed numbers Percentage profit Add and subtract like terms
Pie charts Multiply by 10, 100, 1000 Divide fractions 1 Convert 12 hour to 24 hour Simplify expressions 1
Probability 1 Division Divide fractions 2 Calculate time 1 Simplify expressions 2
Probability 2 Add, subtract, multiply, divide Divide mixed numbers Calculate time 2 Introduction to equations
Arrangements Round to the nearest 10, 100 Currency exchange Units of measure Solve equations 1
Probability with 2 events Indices Money and bills Introduction to integers Solve equations 2
Indice rules Salaries and wages Add and subtract integers 1 Factorise quadratic expressions 1
Geometry and Trigonometry Indices with a Introduction to decimals Add and subtract integers 2 Factorise quadratic expressions 2
Axis of symmetry Multiples Change fractions to decimals 1 Add and subtract integers 3 Factorise quadratic expressions 3
Axial symmetry Factors Add decimals Multiply integers Factorise quadratic expressions 4
Central symmetry Square roots Subtract decimals Divide integers Difference of 2 squares
Opposite angles Prime numbers Multiply decimals by 10, 100 Integers and brackets Factorise by grouping
Angles in a triangle Introduction to fractions Divide decimals by 10, 100 Intersection of 2 sets Simultaneous equations
Angles and parallel lines Equivalent fractions Multiply decimals Union of 2 sets
Right-angled triangles Break down a fraction Divide decimals Universal set Functions
Diagonals Mixed numbers to top heavy fractions A number to 1 or 2 decimal places Venn diagrams - 3 sets Arrow diagrams
Constructions Top heavy fractions to mixed numbers Change fractions to decimals 2 Shading venn diagrams - 2 sets Introduction to functions
Plot points Add fractions 1 Change percentages to fractions Shading venn diagrams - 3 sets Linear functions
Plot lines Subtract fractions 1 Change fractions to percentages Problems using venn diagrams Domain and range
Midpoint Add fractions 2 Change percentages to decimals Rectangles and squares
Slope and equation Subtract fractions 2 Change decimals to percentages Circles
Add mixed numbers Subtract mixed numbers Composite shapes

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